We believe that every text and every study is a unique piece of work, with its own background and needs. Our services are always tailored to the client: the first step is discussing with the customer a shared path, taking into account requirements, schedules and costs. This initial assessment is confidential, free of charge and obligations. 


We will issue a regular invoice for all the services provided. Payment is preferred by bank transfer.


For your information, we list below the price ranges of some of our services:


English-Italian or German-Italian translations: 0.10 Euros per word 


Italian-English translations: 0.12 Euros per word 


Editing of a 500-word abstract: 30 Euros


Editing of a 10-slide PowerPoint presentation: 50 Euros


Assessment and editing of a research proposal (1000-2000 words): 100-200 Euros


Assessment and editing: of a book proposal (1000-2000 words) 100-200 Euros


Bibliographic research on a specific topic: 100-200 Euros


Archival research: 100 Euros a day plus expenses (travel, photocopies/photographs)


Light editing of an 8000-word article: 250 Euros


Developmental editing of an 8000-word article: 500 Euros


Proofreading of an  8000-word article: 500 euros


Development of chapter-by-chapter MCQs for an academic textbook: 750 Euros


Index of a 60,000-word volume: 750 Euros 


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Special offer for young scholars: 


In the light of the many challenges that young scholars must face, we have special rates for the editing of their research and book proposals: we will initially ask for one third of the full rate only, while the remaining sum will be paid  only if the research/book proposal is accepted.